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Filling a gap

A bridge is a fixed alternative to replacing a space in your mouth. It is a good option if you have a suitable tooth or teeth adjacent to your gap to carry a ‘Pontic’ or fake tooth. If you don’t then a bridge may not be the best option for you. All bridges rely on another tooth or teeth to carry the Pontic and due to this it is important not to overload these teeth.

There are two different types of bridge.

Adhesive Bridge

This is more appropriate where the adjacent tooth to the gap is unrestored. It comprises of a metal wing which bonds to the back surface of the adjacent tooth, which carries the Pontic. This is a great conservative approach to provide a fixed solution for one missing tooth. It does have limitations such as it needs space within your bite and there needs to be plenty of enamel present to bond too.

Conventional Bridge

This is where the adjacent tooth is crowned and this crown has the Pontic fixed to it. It is a very good retentive bridge and is appropriate where the adjacent tooth is heavily restored or crowned already. It can fill a space of up to two teeth.

Not every gap is suitable for a bridge but do come and talk to your dentist if you would like more information.