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What are Dentures?

They are a removable appliance, made either with acrylic or with a Cobalt chrome base, which replaces teeth. More commonly used for replacing teeth in mouths of multiple spaces, long spans of missing teeth, or when there are no teeth at all. Nowadays they can also be used in conjunction with implants so that they can be ‘clicked’ into the mouth. This is especially used where there are no lower teeth at all, to give the denture stability.

Dentures are removable and we advise them to be left out of the mouth at night. This is important to prevent infection. Cleaning should be carried out twice daily with a denture brush and household soap. If brushed with toothpaste the surface detail will be scrubbed away as toothpaste is too abrasive. Denture cleaners can also be used but should be checked if compatible if you have a metal denture.

Dentures also provide an excellent way of restoring a space immediately after an extraction. The denture would be fitted over the socket, which actually helps with the healing. We call this an ‘immediate denture’. After an extraction, a period of healing has occurs and the gum changes shape. Therefore, the denture may need to be altered to fit or a new better fitting one may be required once the gum has stabilised.

Teeth can also be added onto an existing denture in most cases. We will see you in the morning and then send  your denture to our Perth laboratory to get the tooth added on to it. An express fee can be paid to have this ready on the same day or it would be ready 2 days later without this fee.

To make a denture for you, we will need usually four appointments. In these appointments we will take impressions and choose the correct teeth for your new denture. We will include you in this process to ensure you are pleased with the result.

After fitting the denture, it will need time to ‘bed’ in. This usually involves it rubbing on your gums which is normal, a bit like breaking in new shoes. However, if the skin in your mouth breaks down to form an ulcer do get in touch and we will adjust the denture for you. Most patients need to return at least once and this is completely normal.