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Tooth Straightening

Have you ever dreamed of having straight teeth?

Clear braces now available locally in Perth

Tooth straightening or Orthodontics has come on leaps and bounds from the 18 months to 2 years train track type of treatment.

Nowadays, we can now gently guide your teeth into the desired aesthetic position in a matter of weeks using new technology. We use the Clearsmile system, which in most cases takes between 6-16 weeks and as it is a removable appliance, it can work around you and your busy lifestyle. Once the teeth have been straightened, we hold the teeth in place with a discreet fixed retainer. We then can Whiten your teeth and carry out any final touches, in the way of white fillings to enhance their look.

This is carried out by a Principal Dentists, Alice Rutherford and Valerie Stevenson, who has been carrying out straightening to happy patients for many years.