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Implants restored by your dentist

Implants are where a titanium rod is placed into the jaw bone to help restore a missing tooth or teeth. This is done under local anaesthetic by a specialist in Aberuthven 15 minutes from Perth, whom we work closely with. Onto this rod and after a period of healing, a crown, or bridge, can be placed or they can be used to help retain and support a denture.

Unlike a tooth supported bridge where teeth have to support a fake tooth, an implant is superior as it doesn’t rely on adjacent teeth. It is freestanding and works very well. It maybe that implants can restore the spaces in your mouth so that you do not need your denture anymore. This can be done singularly or with multiple implants joined by a bridge.

An implant retained denture is most often used in the lower jaw where there are no remaining teeth. 2 are placed in the canine region and they enable the denture to click into place, providing greater retention.

With all implants, it is important that we have enough bone to support it and so cases are looked at individually.

As with teeth, an implant can get gum disease called peri-implantitis. Due to this it is recommended to see our hygienist every 6 months to ensure it remains healthy, sometimes we recommend more regular checks. Cleaning needs to be excellent to ensure gum health round implants. Overtime, like teeth, maintenance will be needed and occasionally components replaced.