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White Fillings:

Composite is an aesthetic restoration unlike amalgam. Nowadays it is very strong and it is adhesive. Therefore, it can bond into any shape of cavity. It can easily be added to in the future and so maintenance is simpler. However, as it cannot set if wet, if the filling is close to the gum then this material may not be ideal. Daily interdental cleaning (between the teeth) must be carried out to prevent decay. If you are thinking about changing your current fillings to white, consult your dentist to see if this is appropriate for your teeth.

Silver Fillings:

Although not aesthetic, amalgam does have a place. They are strong restorations and are easy to clean and so due to this last for years. Additionally they can be placed close to the gums without any detriment to the material. They do however, rely on a retentive cavity and so do have limitations where the shape of the filling isn’t bigger at the bottom than the top.

Inlays (Laboratory made fillings in Perth):

These can be made from ceramic or Gold. They are used where the fillings are failing due to their size but where a crown may not be suitable due to the cavity shape. The laboratory make us the filling after we provide an impression and then we cement this into place.