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What if my dentist suggests crowning my tooth?

Crowns are used when fillings can no longer be retained within the tooth, the filling to tooth ratio is high, or your tooth is root filled. At this point, we would look to crown your tooth. This means that we reduce the tooth down to let a laboratory made covering or ‘cap‘ fit over the top. This ensures that the tooth underneath is somewhat protected from tooth or filling coming away.

They can be made from a variety of materials including metal, metal and ceramic or entirely ceramic at a local dental laboratory here in Perth. We would discuss which type would be suitable for your tooth and come to a conclusion together.

A crowned tooth can still get decay or gum disease, so it is important to brush twice a day and clean between your teeth too. This can either be done with floss or little brushes and it is advised to do this daily.

To get a crown made for your tooth we would see you for two appointments between 7-10 days apart. The first visit would include us preparing the tooth for a crown, taking some impressions and providing a temporary crown for you to wear in the interim. At the following appointment, we would remove this and fit your laboratory made crown. Before fitting it we would check you were happy.