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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeover
Have you got a big event coming up, recently become engaged or just simply want to improve your smile? Make sure your smile is as good as it can be. Here is some information on the treatments that we can provide:
  • Whitening can give you an improvement very easily and can be done on its own or prior to other cosmetic treatments.
  • White fillings can drastically change the look of your mouth so that when you laugh no unsightly grey is shown.
  • Veneers, Crowns, Inlays are laboratory made restorations that partially or completely cover the tooth. These can reshape, improve the colour and enhance your smile.
  • Bridges are laboratory made and help restoratively fill a missing tooth.
  • Implants get placed into the bone to recreate an actual tooth. Cosmetically they can they have a lot of scope at improving small to large spaces in your mouth, or where you have no teeth at all.
  • Orthodontics is where we straighten your teeth. For this, we refer you to a specialist. This is an option which can be done at any time in your life.
At Balhousie Dental we are here to help, so make an appointment today and we will take the time to discuss what is right for you and your teeth.